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"In an age of constant evolving innovation, brands with original ideas have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Original ideas are at the heart of creativity and brand transformation. Customers don’t care what you say, until they know how much you care. They’re jaded by appealing advertising slogans that are followed by selfish corporate behaviors. Start by aligning your organization around a simple, genuine promise and set out to deliver and to delight. Cihan Brand and Marketing blog brings you resources that will help your customer orientation strategy, help deliver on your brand promise and help create unique brand experience at every touchpoint."...Celestine Achi (C.E.O, Cihan Group)

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Cihan is a Digital Marketing Consulting Firm. Born digital, guided by insights and driven by passion and creativity. We are committed to delivering digital marketing solutions that connects brands with consumers. We are Digital Aficionados who approach your digital needs with insight-rich strategy, winning tactical plans, and intelligent digital technology to consistently create an inspiring experience for your target groups.

Our tactical plans drives our strategy.

We create amazing experiences, ignite conversation, activate communities and influencers and inform target groups and influence decision makers.

Our digital marketing services include Strategy Development and Implementation, Digital PR, Online Monitoring and Reputation Management, Social Media tie-ins, Paid Search (SEO/SEM), Analytics and influencer/blogger activation.


 What makes us different? We are experiential thinkers with a digital spirit. We recognize the power of brand experience. We approach campaigns with a 360-degree view. Contact us to lean more.

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A brand experience is a brand’s action perceived by a person. Every interaction between an individual and a tangible or intangible brand artefact can be seen as a brand experience. Such interaction might be the opening of a bottle of lemonade, the visit of a website or branch as well as a glimpse on a billboard in the public space. Those places of interaction are called →touchpoints. Hence a brand experience can include one or more of a recipient’s five senses and cause any kind of response.

In addition to a direct interaction an indirect one – such as friends, experts or celebrities sharing their perception of a product or service – can be considered as a brand experience as well. A person’s perception of brand, her or his brand image, is often determined by a number of brand experiences over a period of time including one or more →touchpoints.

A few business owners whom I spoke to shared about their business passionately, on how they spent a substantial budget to ramp up their marketing effort, did a revamp on their logo, stationery (i.e. letterhead, business cards) and website. Some even went the extra mile by renovating their office to suit their new marketing collaterals.

A lot of buzz were being generated during the rebranding process, so much so that when it was completed, sales went up on average by about 20-35% – quite a decent ROI.  People were curious to know what the change is about, and were willing to purchase and try out the product.  After a few months of hype, business owners started to feel the sense of reality slowly creeping in.  Sales started going on a downward trend, repeat customers were getting few and far between, and it is affecting staff morale as well.

We can categorise the customer brand experience to three broad categories:

1) Pre-sales
This stage is usually where advertising and promotion is done to attract customers to your store.  Is the message you’re trying to convey in line with your marketing and company’s objective?  Did you educate your customers well enough for them to make the effort to visit your store?  If the customers require more information, did you provide them with a website link so that they can be better informed of your products, and make a justifiable comparison with your competitors?  Alternatively, you can also set up a hotline number to respond to queries.

2) Sales
At this stage, your potential customers have seen your advertisement, done their own research and determined that it is worthwhile to pay your store a visit.  How will your store greet them? Research has shown that store ambience and background music will play a part in the customer’s purchasing decision process.  The lightings must be bright enough to showcase your products properly, while ambient lightings should provide a comfortable environment to put your shoppers at ease.  Soothing music will also provide a form of relaxation and may encourage them to stay at your store longer.  Signages and product specifications must be clearly displayed so that shoppers can navigate through your store easily and gain a deeper understanding about your products.

3) After-sales
Congratulations! Your potential customers have made the purchase from you and leave your store happily.  But wait – this is not the end of the brand experience.  In fact, this is just the beginning.  At this stage, customers will be interacting with the product they’ve just purchased from your store.  Are they satisfied with it?  If they are not, are there any ways they can seek assistance?  You can consider the following after-sales services:

  1. Warranty/Guarantee
  2. Hassle-free Return/Refund
  3. Customer Service Hotline or Online Support Forum
  4. FAQ to be shown on the website
  5. Thank you email/letter to customers for purchasing your product

The last stage is the most crucial as this will determine whether you can retain your customer successfully.


 As you can see, developing a positive brand experience is not just about revamping or redesigning your logo and stationery.  In fact, the entire brand experience should wrap around a customer – how you engage them successfully – so that he or she can make a well-informed decision to purchase your product, is satisfied with it, and eventually return to make a repeated purchase.

 If you or your company is keen to explore or develop a customer brand experience strategy, feel free to drop us a line for a chat. At Cihan, we aim to be the preferred chanel that provides an integrative creative approach to your branding and marketing needs. Having a one-stop centre ensures that your marketing message is put across to your target audience more efficiently & effectively. The communication process will be shortened and as such, you need not spend too much time, effort and money dealing with different agencies.

Talk to us today and explore how we can work together on a long-term basis.

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Why does email marketing perform so well? If it really is so cost effective why do so many claim that it simply doesn't do as well as what the stats say it does?


 Well, the reply is short: many businesses get their email marketing incorrect and make silly but easily corrected mistakes. The jury is out: email marketing is successful… However; you have to be careful to act on it correctly, assuming you want positive sales and leads. Sending emails can be like a billboard advert that says “BUY NOW”, without enticing customers as to why they should act on this.

 You shouldn't send out newsletters and bulletins and then merely carry on either. No, email marketers play an important part in guiding clients from end to end of the sales procedure, so they either end up at a specific site page purchasing or in a sales executive’s inbox as a solid lead.

 You only have a few moments to get the attention of the audience, once you get into their inbox. Make the most of those seconds to turn them into minutes; and possibly even sales.

 ·        Be clear with your intention

 As quickly as you can, be sure to invoke what you’re offering and why its of any use or benefit for the consumer. Whether it’s a cellphone offer or a holiday package. Be concise, clearly communicating to clients on their level. Do not use jargon terms. Use points they can relate to. Also be clear about subsequent phases, directing them towards a call-to-action and cultivating them to action the process.

 ·        Be clear with your design layout

 Your message design should be as flawless as your email content. Avoid disorderly designs or a layout that counters your message as opposed to complimenting it. Allow the design to be as simple and direct to see as the content is. Especially links and buttons. Make sure the design permits the customer to easily follow call to action and inspires them to act.

 ·        Stop being regal

Forget sending info-driven emails that are cluttered; they don’t appeal to audiences by and large. Clients need to have a bond with you and not addressed as a superior being. So write from one human being to another. Making use of words such as “you”, “me” and “we”, even if you are writing to them from a large corporate organization.


·        Have a specific message in every email

 Make a point of having one specific message that you would want the audience to take to heart. Whether it’s directing them to a page site and making use of a new feature or to purchase a product on sale. Simply ensure you have something in EVERY single email because you are subconsciously training your readers to take action when you bring it to their attention!

 ·        Write about everything relatable! 

 Many business owners compose unbearably mind-numbing and dull emails that are nothing more than exhausted appeals for people to buy their products or make use of their services. Comprise all varieties of subjective material about lifestyles and anything else that is relatable, including current happenings, trends and applicable material to you and the industry you are in.

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As an email marketer you once might have woken up from that one bad dream: the horrible one where you’re finding out that you’ve been sending out your precious newsletters to a list full of outdated or fake email addresses.

Surely, there’s no bigger nightmare than wasting your effort and time on working with a list of never-opening recipients.

To make sure you can start dreaming of astronomic open rates again, CihanMail has created a tool that allows you to clean up your list, so you won't keep wasting credits.

How are we able to do this?   With List Clean Up, CihanMail connects directly to email providers to test and verify each address on a specified opt-in email list, cleaning out all the invalid addresses of recipients that will neither see your messages, nor contribute to your return on investment. It will help you save on bulk sending costs in the long run.
This way delivery rates will also go up, without you having to worry about losing valid recipients by mistake. CihanMail will make sure that it doesn’t over-scrub your list. Besides that, the tool is totally voluntary and is just there to keep your list clean, should your deliveries and response rates start dropping.

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Here’s how it works:

1) Log into your CihanMail account and click on “Email verification” under the Lists & Contacts tab.

2) Select the list you want to filter, check out how much it will cost and purchase credits if needed (1 credit is charged per address) before submitting for verification.

3) Wait briefly for the process to complete. To make sure you don’t lose the old addresses, a new clean list will appear in your account without overriding the original.

4) Download the detailed verification report in PDF format for a full run-down on the results. This report is available for up to two days after your list has been scrubbed