A great way to engage your customers and fans is to run a user-generated video contest or promo.  An online video contest will encourage your fans to create videos about your brand and products, giving your brand tons of great new video content that can virally spread brand awareness and increase your Facebook audience.  Or a video promo which gives you a cheaper and more viral alternative to television advertisement. By inviting fans to create video content or share and watch your video promo about your brand you will strengthen the consumer’s connection to your brand and inspire their creativity.  The consumer will feel involved in the process of generating content and will see his/her own work being displayed.  Branded video contests create a positive association with your brand that can be helpful when launching new products and generating awareness.

It is important to motivate users to share with friends and inspire interactive viewing, commenting, and sharing.  A great way to do this is to create a video gallery where fans can view, share, and vote on their favorite videos.

It is also important to consider that creating a video is time consuming and requires a good amount of effort from your fans.  With this in mind it is a good idea to allow an appropriate amount of time for fans to upload entries.  There is often a last minute flood of entries because fans will take their time to come up with an idea and then execute the video.  In order to ensure that these last minute entries are a part of the viewing, sharing, and voting process, you can allow a separate voting period after the contest has stopped receiving entries.

Video contests have the ability to be offered cross-channel on Facebook, a microsite, your own website, and on Youtube. They have become a great way to establish a relationship with your fans while collecting content and information about your fans and consumers.  For more information about video contests send us an email enquiry to


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Mobile marketing is seeing a huge boom, driven by the advances in mobile networks and smartphones, as well as consumers spending more and more time on their mobile devices. The range of technologies used is as varied as the mobile space itself, from the incumbent SMS to apps and mobile ads, with the future difficult to predict.

What we at Cihan see as certain is that SMS marketing is probably the most popular mobile marketing channel, with hundreds of millions of advertising SMS sent out every month in Africa alone, and its popularity is huge in the developed countries. It is our believe that you need to be channel-agnostic to fully understanding the benefits and returns of mobile marketing. It is generally believed that Mobile marketing is still outshadowed by TV and print, but that is changing as the penetration of technology continues.

As consumer focus shifts to mobile, so do marketing and engagement strategies of brands, marketers and social networks. Tapping into the potential of mobile is the holy grail of strategic marketing and equally difficult to come by. Consumers are notoriously fickle and the digital attention span is shrinking by the minute. So how do you ensure that your consumers keep engaged with your brand via your app or other mobile channel?

First of all, not all mobile users have smartphones, which means that not taking them into account eliminates a large proportion of users. And even if your main market is a developed country with smartphone penetration above 50%, we get back to the issue of the dwindling digital attention span – many apps fall into disuse after only a few launches out of curiosity.

The answer is what we call converged messaging: a complete service to make sure your consumers are regularly and efficiently engaged via mobile. SMS is the undisputed king of mobile, USSD a low-cost, high-effect mobile interaction channel, while push notifications ensure a mobile app alerts users at any time. The icing on the cake is contextwhen, where and whom to engage via these channels.


Contextualisation enables brands to be relevant, delivering the right message to the right user in the right place. While push notifications offer a geolocation feature, allowing to push messages to users in defined geographical areas, Infobip’s Number Context does the same – and more – for SMS and USSD, as well as for VoIP providers. In this context (pun intended), context means determining the network, status and availability of a mobile phone, i.e. the user. This not only reduces costs, but also ensures maximum efficiency when delivering promotional messages, discounts or coupons.

Number Context is a newly value-added Cihan service.  “We want to explore as many applications as this technology offers. Putting the mobile or fixed number in context allows clients to make qualified decisions.”

Converged services are the future of mobile marketing. They address all types of consumers, all demographic and age groups, while context makes them relevant, efficient and cost-effective. In a highly competitive market, those three elements are indispensable for success.

Full service is impossible without contextualisation and Cihan’s efforts will continue to be directed towards integrating all our technologies to provide full information to marketers, enabling them to deliver relevant messages.

For more information about our SMS, USSD, Push and Number Context services, check out the Cihangroup website, or contact us today!