Digital and Mobile Marketing

Harness the potential of this powerful channel
New platforms and channels are emerging every day, and mobile and digital marketing are taking a strong lead. With Smartphone users growing rapidly, the audience and reach of this channel cannot be ignored.

Improving returns from internet and mobile
Are you looking to optimize the opportunities of using internet and mobile to increase your revenue, cut your cost and gain competitive advantage? We can help. Whether it's digital marketing or e-business, we can help you improve your return on investment. Here you can learn more about Mobile, BULKSSMS and Digital Marketing services, and you will find valuable resources that might prove to be interesting, insightful, informative.... but above all helpful.

How we can help you
We can help you optimize the opportunities of using internet and mobile to
•    increase your revenue
•    cut your cost
•    gain competitive advantage in your marketplace

How we work:  It depends on what you want us to help you with.
•    We could work with you on short term engagements such as training and mentoring, project works, speaking engagements, audits and reviews which are well scoped on individual basis.
•    We could work with you on a retainer basis where you get specified amount of consulting hours which could be applied to project work, mentoring (giving you sound advice when you need it) and training. Do tell us about your challenges and lets discuss specifics of how we could help you.

Our Mobile and Digital Platforms and Services
We deliver work that is strategically driven, creatively executed, socially connected and exciting for clients and customers alike. We are capable of delivering a full suite of digital services. Find below the list of platforms and services.

Kairos Mobile (Advanced Package)

Kairos mobile platform is built to reach billions of mobile users in 190 countries. With geo-redundant data-centers, advanced monitoring and highly skilled support verified by thousands of satisfied clients we promise exceptional service delivery worldwide. Bulk SMS, 2-Way Messaging, Number Context, USSD Interactive Services, Mobile Payments & Push Notification. By partnering with KairosMobile you join a global family of forward thinking and innovative people helping you use the latest in mobile communications technology to further your business objectives.

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Kairos Bulk SMS Gateway Services include SMS from PC, Advance CSV, Excel Plugin, Group SMS  and 2 Way SMS Desktop Application that enables enterprises to communicate with target audience via SMS. Our BulkSMS gateway is finely tuned with Delivery rate up to 15,000 SMS/Second to deliver the fastest and most reliable BULKSMS messaging compared with other Bulk SMS Gateway Providers. Give us a call and we can get you started with specialist advice and great SMS marketing ideas for you and your clients.

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Kairosbulksms (Basic Package)

Kairosbulksms is the most user friendly and most reliable way to send bulk text messages with your customised sender ID to thousands of GSM and CDMA mobile phones in Nigeria and Globally. The platform can be used for a variety of applications such as Product Launch & Product Marketing & Awareness, Political Campaign & Awareness, Religious Meetings alerts and many more.  Getting started with us is easy -  simply click  REGISTER  FOR  FREE, fill in the form, get your free SMS  credits and start reaping the benefits of our Platform

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Facebook Advertising

If you are into any form of business, either online or offline, I bet you know the impact advertisement can make to your business. Whether you offer a product, or service, Facebook Ad can serve you better, with a deep targeting technique, you’re sure to reach your target audience without wasting advert money. No matter what your target audience are, be it men only, women only, people within a specific age range, people in Nigeria only, people interest in losing weight, or people interested in fashion, etc, Facebook ads can give you that target and it is time for you to make good use of all these targeted information.

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Short Codes

With the help of our sms short code you can get response when you don’t have the call force or call center. Your customer can send you feedback anytime. This service is useful for advertising agencies, media companies, radio stations, TV channels, marketing savvy companies for campaigns, contests, companies who provide data services on request. Our short codes can be used for Lead Capture, SMS polling and voting, SMS Results, SMS survey and many more applications. We have SIM Card hosting, Shared/dedicated short codes, toll free short codes and caller tunes.

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Bluetooth Marketing


Proximity Marketing is a marketing technique for mobile content distribution to mobile phones and PDA devices. The key goal of Bluetooth Marketing is to reach customers’ mobile phones directly at zero cost per customer. It is the next generation of mobile advertising. Picture this: A customer walks by your storefront. An advert offering a discount immediately appears on their phone. Bluetooth proximity marketing allows you to reach out to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. Our mission is to empower any business through a new, innovative, low-cost and highly effective marketing channel. Turn your visitors into customers.

1.CihanBlue Lite searches for handsets
CihanBlue Lite hotspot scans for Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby.

2.CihanBlue Lite asks for permission
For every handset detected, CihanBlue asks for permission for sending files. Your customer will see a message similar to: Do you want to connect with [brand-name-here]?

3.CihabBlue uploads files
Once the user grants permission, CihanBlue Lite will immediately send content files. Thanks to multithreaded software architecture and multiple Bluetooth radios installed, sending files to one customer will not stop detection of new handsets of customers walking by the InfoTek Blu hotspot.

Bluetooth range
By default, CihanBlue Lite are equipped with Class 1 Bluetooth modules capable of connecting within the range of 200 meters, range however you should assume the selective range to be:

* 10-20 meters in closed spaces (stores, conference rooms)
* 15-30 meters in semi-open spaces (fairs, exhibitions, shopping malls, churches, schools)
* 20-200 meters on the open air (sport events, concerts)

Why Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Works?

What is possible?
* You can attract customers directly at the point of sale with a direct simple message: like “Today 15% off”, “Free Cofee” and instantly measure results of your campaign.

* You can broadcast content like wallpapers, ringtones, Java games with your advertisements inside.

* You can enhance popularity of your products or services, providing your customers with convenient and functional Java brochures they have never had a chance to use before.

How to prepare content?
* Images need to be resized to fit as many screen resolutions as possible (you can also use our Content Generator)
* Videos should be prepared in di?erent resolutions to support as many mobile phones as possible
* Music and Sounds: we recommend mp3 as the most supported format
* Product Brochures, Event Agendas, Multimedia Guides - we can develop them for you
* Problems? We’ll help!

What to send?
Bluetooth technology does not limit file formats by itself. You can send virtually every kind of file to your customers, taking care they are readable by handheld devices you address them to.

Most popular kinds of content
 * Images (jpg, png): 2D/3D Coupons, Wallpapers, Advertisements
 * Animations, Screen Savers, Short Videos (3gp): Movie Trailers, Commercials
 * Music, Ring Tones, Jingles, Sounds (mp3, amr)
 * Java Applications / Games / Presentations (most powerful features)

Supports all kinds of handsets models (including Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Moto, HTC, HP, and so on)

What is the maximum size per file?
There are no technical limits regarding the file size, however you should ensure the Bluetooth communication is fast and easy. We advise not to exceed 200kB for pictures & music and 500kB for Java applications & movies. In every case you should minimize the file size if possible, lower file size guarantee better campaigns results.

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