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Cihan Group in collaboration with Sendible brings you a most comprehensive Social Media Management Tools for Business. Sendible is a platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once.


    Engage: Engage with your audience using our priority inbox.                             

    Monitor: Monitor & respond to mentions of your brand on the social web.

    Grow: Publish & schedule content, generate leads & grow your following.      

    Measure: Prove the effectiveness of your social media efforts with in-depth analytics.


What is Sendible?

Sendible is an online marketing service for businesses and marketers to promote, grow and track their brands through the use of Social Media, Email and SMS messaging. Sendible is the easiest way to grow and build your brand online and is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs.


Social Media Management


Post to multiple services at once
Post messages to all the services you use such as Twitter, Facebook Pages, Flickr, Wordpress and many more with more being added all the time. We support multiple accounts for each service.

Schedule your social network updates
Plan ahead and schedule your status updates to be posted at the time you choose or set updates to go off at recurring schedules.

Bulk and group messaging
Sendible makes it easy to send out bulk messges to all your contacts across all social networks at once. E.g. you might want to broadcast a message by posting to the Facebook walls of all your friends at once.

Create a Sendibleblog
Set up your very own Blog and drive traffic to your website. Use Sendible to automatically notify all your social networks when a new blog post has been published.

Use Sendible analytics to track the success of your posts
Sendible tracks all the messages you send across all the services you're posting to. Use Sendible to keep track of likes, shares, views, clicks, referring sites etc.

Read and respond to comments on your Social Network posts using Sendible
CihanSocial pulls in any responses from your Social Media messages and displays them to you in your Message Box. You can respond to comments directly from Sendible.

Use Email to update all your social networks at once
UsingSendible, you can create groups containing multiple social network accounts. We provide you with a special email address for each group you create so that you can post to your social networks via email.

Keep your posts interesting using RSS Feeds
Add your own RSS feeds to Sendible and discover interesting stories and links to post to your blogs and social networks.



Every message that is sent via Sendible gets tracked and analysed. We report on various statistics, including the following:

Daily Link Clicks
The number of clicks per day for each link you send out.

Link Referrers
A breakdown of the sites from which your links have been clicked.

Shares, Likes, Comments, Views
Where supported by the social networks and blog platforms we integrate with, we try and retrieve as much analytical data as possible.

Unsubscribes, Opens and Views
When analysing emails, we are able to track such things as how many recipients opened the message or how many unsubscribed.

Twitter Mentions, Comments and more
Sendible is also able to import any messages related to the message you originally posted, such as comments and mentions on Twitter. You can respond to these comments and mentions directly from Sendible.

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